Wholesale sign manufacturer

Commercial Plastics manufactures vacuum formed, molded, pan sign faces with raised or embossed letters (sometimes referred to as bubble faces). Signs are made from Acrylic, Acrysteel or Polycarbonate Plastics. We also manufacture extruded aluminum extrusion sign frames and custom steel sign frames with aluminum skin (sometimes referred to as light boxes or sign cans).


01-jiffy Stop


6" & 10" Extruded aluminum and custom sign frames

We can Vacuum form sign faces up to 6’ x 14’ in one piece in Acrylic or 8 x 14 in Impact Modified Acrylic and up to 8’x 16’ in one piece in Polycarbonate. (Any size is possible by making the face in sections)

We can vacuum form white and clear pans for you to finish decorating or we can paint the sign face to your needs.

Aluminum Extrusion Cabinets - Custom Cabinets bid and built from your designs.